Celebrating 40 years in innovation, care and research


This year, the McGill Department of Family Medicine is celebrating its 40th anniversary: 40 years of innovation in care, teaching and research. There is a lot to be proud of. Forty years ago, we began as a small teaching program with units based in several McGill Montreal hospitals. From those early pioneering days, our Department has progressed to become one of the biggest departments in the Faculty of Medicine.

In celebration of our past, present and future achievements, we are launching three special initiatives:

  1. The McGill Primary Care Symposium, a major policy conference co-hosted by the department with the aim of contributing to the development of a comprehensive vision and roadmap for primary care in Quebec.
  2. Friends of Family Medicine, a network of our McGill family medicine residency program graduates as well as our present and former teachers. The creation of the network will be kicked off with a special 40th Anniversary Homecoming Gala
  3. The McGill Complementary Health Symposium, a full day academic conference on educational and research aspects of complementary health and integrative medicine. Speakers will include local, national and North American experts in the field. 


A full-day policy event aimed to generate meaningful discussion on the future of primary care in Quebec.

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Homecoming GalA DINNER

Celebrate 40 years of Family Medicine at McGill with an evening of fine-dining, art, music and more!

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 complEmentary Health Symposium

A full-day symposium on the future of  education and research in complimentary health approaches at McGill.

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