Special Exhibit

The evening will feature a special tour of the Museum's newest special exhibit: Pompeii. For the first time in Montreal, art and artifacts from the ancient cities of Pompeii and nearby Herculaneum will be on display. Guests will have the time to peruse the exhibit at their leisure, with knowledgeable guides stationed throughout to provide more information and a closer look at these memorable artifacts. 

More information on the exhibit available through the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Guest of honour

Dr. David Saint-Jacques - Canadian Space Agency Astronaut

Prior to becoming a Canadian Space Agency astronaut, David Saint-Jacques was a medical doctor and the Co-chief of Medicine at Inuulitsivik Health Centre in Puvirnituq, an Arctic village on Hudson Bay. He also worked as a Clinical Faculty Lecturer for McGill University's Faculty of Medicine, supervising medical trainees in Nunavik. David began his career as a biomedical engineer, working on the design of radiological equipment for angiography. His broad scientific background also includes astrophysics. His international experience also includes engineering study and work in France and Hungary and medical training in Lebanon and Guatemala.

In honour of 40th Anniversary of Family Medicine at McGill University, an institution in which he feels a tremendous sense of pride, David will take the audience on the challenging yet inspirational journey that led him to becoming a Canadian astronaut as he describes his training and work, and the medical experiments carried out on the International Space Station. He will also share his insights on space exploration. 


Jazz Trio from McGill Schulich School of Music

The John Buck Trio is composed of musicians John Buck on drums, Finn McConnell on upright bass and Claire Devlin on tenor saxophone. Finn and John met during High School in their home town of Calgary, where they played together in various groups ranging from soul to hip hop to jazz, before both deciding to attend McGill University’s jazz program. It is here that they met and discovered a kindred soul in Claire Devlin, a tenor saxophonist from Ottawa, who was a few years further in her degree at McGill.  Since then, the three have played many casual “sessions” together as well as performances around Montreal. For the past year, the trio has been part of a combo at McGill, studying the music of Ornette Coleman and Thelonious Monk, as well as playing original compositions.  The trio will is excited to continue playing outside of an academic setting in other performances this summer, the most notable being an appearance at the Ottawa Jazz Festival as ¾ of the Claire Devlin quartet.

We will also have on display photos and other memorabilia collected from the last 40 years at our different units. Thank you to all who have contributed to this exhibition!