Presentation Slides

Session One

ANTONIA MAIONI - Health reform in Québec: from the Castonguette to Gaetan Barrette

LEONARD AUCOINPrimary care in Quebec: hard to visualize, harder to achieve

Session two

REBECCA ROSENThe experience in England on driving improvement in primary care: are incentives and regulations effective levers for change? 

JOSHUA TEPPER - Building a culture of quality improvement in primary care

ROBERT REIDThe experience of the Group Health Cooperative and the Kaiser system in the US: what constitutes successful primary care?

Session Three


Session Four

ROXANE BORGÈS DA SILVATaking the Family Medicine Groups to the next level: essential ingredients

JEAN-LOUIS DENISTransformative capacities for high-performing primary care

MICHEL CLAIRImproving governance to strengthen primary care

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